The Joint Action (JA) on implementation of digitally enabled integrated person-centered care (JADECARE) is part of a series of initiatives the EU has launched to face the challenges of the transformation of health and care in the EU. JADECARE intends to reinforce the capacity of health authorities to successfully address important aspects of health system transformation, in particular the transition to digitally-enabled, integrated, person-centred care in the EU. For this purpose, 17 EU countries participate in JADECARE. In order to achieve these goals, four early adopters of original Good Practices support “next adopters”, i.e. participating regions of member states to transfer the successful practices and generated knowledge into the healthcare systems of the participating partners.
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JADECARE involves 48 organisations
from 17 countries all around Europe

Implementing four proven Good Practices of digitally enabled integrated care by 17 next adopters

These four Original Good Practices stand for a bundle of proven practices and methods ready for being transferred to the next adopter health care organisations:

  • Basque health strategy on ageing and chronicity: Integrated care (Basque Country, Spain)
  • Catalan Center for Open Innovation on ICT-supported integrated care services for chronic patients (Catalonia, Spain)
  • The OptiMedis model – integrated population-based care (Germany)
  • Digital roadmap to an integrated health care sector (Southern Denmark Region)

By transferring these four practices, JADECARE proposes to strengthen the capacity of health authorities to successfully address all important aspects of the transformation of the health system towards digitally enabled, integrated and person-centered care.

What’s new in digitally enabled integrated person-centred care

JADECARE launches second release of project website

The overall goal of creating a JADECARE project web presence is to disseminate high quality information about the aims, scope, results and progress of the Joint Action (JA) in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable mechanism to advance high quality...

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JADECARE is co-funded by the Third Health Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 951442 (HADEA).